We are discontinuing staking access to Santiment API on July 22nd, 2019


Hi! Dino from Santiment here. In case you missed it, our API has recently left beta after almost 2 years of active development.

In turn, we will be discontinuing access to Santiment API for staking users on July 22nd, 2019, as we move to a tiered, monthly subscription model. Check out neuro.santiment.net for more information.

We believe we now have the most comprehensive crypto API on the market, and are beyond excited to share it with the industry.

Staking 1000 or more SAN will still carry various benefits on the Santiment platform, including an exclusive 20% discount on all our new API plans and other Santiment products, including SANgraphs and SANsheets.

For more savings, you can combine both of our active discounts:

  • 10% off on yearly API plans
  • 20% off for staking 1000 or more SAN tokens

Keep BUIDLing and thank you for all your support!