Short guide 'How to buy SAN token"



How to Buy SAN

I. Get some ETH or BTC (can be purchased at an exchange using a currency of your choice).

II. Sell ETH/BTC for SAN at an exchange listed here:
SAN is also available at Bitfinex for ETH, BTC, and USD/USDT.

III. Install MetaMask and create an ETH account (or attach an existing account).(

IV. Transfer the SAN to the Metamask account you created in Step III. Then just be logged in to Metamask with that account selected when you visit SANbase. We’ll detect the SAN you’re staking there and grant you access.


Sometime ago I bought SAN tokens from The experience was quite nice at the time. You need just Metamask to trade there. They had most of their volume in the SAN/USDT pair so I first had to convert ETH to USDT and then buy SAN tokens.


+1 for! Really user-friendly, the only issue is mentioned above - even in USDT the liquidity is really low yet.


I think sometimes the liquidity that you see on those decentralized exchanges is actually lower than the actual liquidity. The reason is that some traders don’t post orders but still they are waiting and as soon as they see an order that they like, they would try to fulfill it. This is probably happening automatically. So even if liquidity seems low it you post a buy order with slightly higher price than the current market price it could be fulfilled relatively quickly.


Ethfinex just announced 0% maker fees for low-liquidity tokens. SAN is one of those at the moment.

This announcement seems to be for, the centralized exchange, not for I haven’t tested it, though.


+1 for . Easiest way to get SAN imo, no friction.