Product Part 1. Market Calls/Intelligence (trader DNA) (e)valuation


After reflecting some time, I believe we should proceed with having two slightly different sub-products

  1. Decentralised intelligence (self)valuation (aka “decoding traders DNA”)
  2. P2P options/predictions (where we initially started)

This topic will describe the Nr. 1 from above.

We will use NFT (ERC-721) to issue and track the performance of each “signal”.

The goal is to create a decentralised marketplace for the market/signals intelligence

It’s like SETs (from Synthetix protocol) but for the signals.
We are building the lowest possible layer of the decentralised market intelligence.

Three keywords:

  • signal
  • decentralised
  • marketplace

--------------- Signal -----------------
can be issued by a human or machine. It is represented by the NFT (ERC-721)

Each NFT will have:

  • token
  • direction (SAN.Set - decline, SAN.Rise - growth)
  • start time
  • end time (default - two weeks after the start)
  • start price
  • end price
  • creator
  • commited SANs


a) Unlike the P2P options, “Market Call” here can be issued for any token
b) Commited SANs. Used to define the reward amount
c) the signal can be closed by the creator at any time (means - even before 2 weeks expiration)

In general we want to measure the performance (profit/risk parameters) of:

  • each particular signal
  • its creator (be it human or algo)

------------- decentralised ----------------

These NFTs do not belong to anyone but to the one who created it.
Once deployed on the mainnet - neither we no anyone else can control the life cycle of each issued signal. It will happen according to the built-in smart contract rules.

-------------- marketplace ----------------

Marketplace, leaderboard, initial reward pool.
These are the ways to build adoption and “demand” for the best quality “signals

Some ideas here are:

  • we reward initially each week with 2000 DAIs the best performing signals
  • paid access. Only time, creator name and his previous (visual) track are given for free. The rest is hidden (encoded insight the NFT)
  • this can only be unlocked by paying for the access
  • The pricing can be done dynamically. Based on demand

These are just ideas from the top of the head.