Introduction to Santiment


Welcome to the Santiment forum, FoB enthusiasts!

Santiment is a comprehensive platform for crypto-related data feeds, real-time signals and high-value market insights.

This page will give you a quick overview of different data sets available to Santiment users, as well as some examples of market insights and network analyses generated from our data.

What data would I be working with?

Great question! Santiment Dashboards provide a wide range of on-chain, social and experimental metrics, including:

1. Advanced on-chain metrics:

  • Address Activity metrics
  • Token Age Consumption metrics
  • Exchange Flow metrics
  • Transaction metrics
  • Top 100 trxs per project

2. Developer Activity (Github) metrics

3. Advanced Social metrics

  • Topic search
  • Relative social dominance
  • Social data feeds

4. Signals & experimental metrics

  • ETH genesis address activity
  • Price-Volume difference
  • Exchange Flow & Daily Active Addresses overview

5. …plus more to be added soon

Here you can find a detailed breakdown of our custom on-chain and social metrics, including common use cases and video analysis.

The purpose of our data sets is to give the user a comprehensive grasp of a project’s health. Many of these metrics will need to be used in tandem to truly be able to contextualize a particular project’s ecosystem.

What can I use Santiment data for?

To give you an idea of the type of market research and network insights you can extract from our data, here’s a few of our own, in-house analyses:

  1. How Profitable is a Portfolio of Top Buidlers in Crypto?

Marrying statistics with our on-chain data feeds, Jan backtests a portfolio composed solely of top ERC20 projects by github activity, month over month. The portfolio ends up underperforming compared to hodling BTC or ETH for the observed time frame, but ends up the more volatile strategy, with significantly higher tops on several occasions. If you were to sell at those junctions instead, our portfolio would in fact come out on top.

  1. MakerDao Network Analysis: Dissecting Crypto’s Hottest Stablecoin

Stablecoins have been all the rave lately. Alex, our junior developer, takes a deep dive into the Maker network, analyzing market patterns and network trends, and exploring the strenuous correlation between MKR and DAI, two coins of the Maker ecosystem.

  1. Crypto Bull Market: How it Might Have Started and (Almost) No One Noticed

In one of our most controversial market analyses to date, Maksim, Santiment’s founder, takes a look at three tokens exhibiting suspiciously similar, bullish patterns in the middle of the bear market. All three show sings of what we’re calling ‘ETH decoupling’, and demonstrate analogous, strong on-chain activity.

Additional Reading

For daily examples of unique market insights powered by our data, check out SANbase Insights, authored by members of the Santiment community. Or join our discord trading channels, where we analyze current market trends, on-chain patterns and investment strategies.

If you have any questions about our platform, please don’t hesitate to write to us below, or reach out to the team on Discord or Telegram!