Frequently Asked Questions


I tried to login to the platform using the email login link and it denies me. Is there a reason for this?

The link expires after 1h if not used and the moment it is used it expires in 10 min. After the link expires you should get another one using the “Login via email” button.

How do you know that the address belongs to the exchange?

We apply machine learning algorithms to classify all addresses and manually curate them after that to remove false positives

What does the metric Genesis address activity mean?

For the first graph – red is ETH going out of genesis addresses, blue is ETH going in genesis addresses. For the second graph – it shows IN - OUT, meaning if the value is positive more ETH are being accumulated and if it is negative it means more ETH are going out of the genesis addresses

What do you mean by genesis addresses?

Those are the addresses that got eth in the genesis block: Ethereum Transactions Information