[Discussion] September's Top 10 ETH projects by dev activity share what they're working on



We asked link top 10 ERC20 projects by dev activity for the month of September what they’re currently working on that landed them on the list.

Which of these projects do you think have most potential going forward?

Which project update are you most excited about?

Let us know below!


I’m most excited for RChain. I think there is so much potential in the blockchain they are building. I love that it is proof of stake instead of proof of work and I really am interested in the idea of a concurrent structure. I read about some things they are doing for the music industry that sounds really exciting and useful.


Yes, I like them too. I was at their recent conference in Berlin. I would be very interested to take a deeper look at their technology sometimes.

The underlying theory of their computation model might turn out to be better than Ethereum’s. But I think if Ethereum manages to do sharding and Casper as they promise, RChain will have to be not just better, but much much better in order to take significant market share. As long as Ethereum 2.0 is good enough, most people will probably just stick with it. Just like devs now prefer to use Python instead of Haskell, even though Haskell is obviously the better language :stuck_out_tongue: