9th Jan - Social trends snapshot



Hi everyone, below is the snapshot for 09th January 2019

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ETC and attack belong together
Should be combined into one search
Shows that the initial interest sustained over few days and was clearly one the top topics

Maintenance, bfx and bitfinex are the one too
@garry, please attach here the link from Bitfinex re:their maintenance
Combined interest is here:

Interesting to note - the biggest interest is from the discord communities.
Do we know from which one(s) ?

“Bluetooth” is trending because of Ledger announcement
Also here, @garry- please the link

So, to combine.

The major part of the “crypto crowd brain” was chatting about the recent hack from ETC, reasonable aware of the Bitfinex maintenance and actively discussing the introduction of the Ledger new product.

With the growing attention towards the price bull run on LTC and TRX.

TRX and LTC weren’t yet at the crowd top attention, so some more potential is there.

Btw, check the last two results (today morning and last noght). LTC and TRX got there finally (claiming the spot Nr.1) . I would say they reached the top - buying now would be dangerous, Risks are high.

  1. Bitfinex re:their maintenance:
  1. Ledger’s announcement:


ProgPow and ASICs are relating to the non-contentious hard fork of Ethereum. Which in turn, due to the extra special irrational nature of crypto markets could very well be a contributor to recent ETH rise.

On a separate note, an active archived snapshot of daily social trends could prove beneficial over time. I’m thinking so due to the current chatter about ETC 51% attack, and the lack of market reaction appears similar to that of 1st 51% attack on XVG back in May.

So it could prove interesting to be able to see what social conversation was occurring before, during and after and how that could relate to present conversation as well as price action.


Let me jump on an offtopic one: fortnite

This article recently gave me some understanding of the phenomenon:

The actual news causing it to show should be this:

And an obvious one: bears

As in bulls vs. bears or bull market vs. bear market. A way to describe market trends. Origins in the ‘traditional’ markets.