28th Jan 2019 - Top Social Gainers snapshot



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You can find the Top Social Gainers snapshot for 28th Jan 2019 here:

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Bittorrent’s long-awaited ICO has finally commenced today - and ended in less than 15 minutes.

The coin offering was held in two simultaneous sessions on the Binance Launchpad, where investors could buy BTT using TRX or BNB, respectively.

Final tally - 59.4 billion BTT tokens sold in under 15 minutes, equalling $7,128,000. Who said ICOs were dead?

Given the ridiculous demand surrounding the Bittorent ICO, Tron’s CEO Justin Sun even pledged an additional airdrop for those who tried to buy BTT but didn’t realize we were back in 2017:

Unsurprisingly, both TRX and BNB skyrocketed in the hours leading up to the token sale; at one point, Tron even managed to claim the #6 spot shortly, edging out Stellar and Litecoin. It has lost most of this week’s price momentum since, however, and is currently down 10.36% for the day.

Similarly, Binance Coin went through several prominent peaks and valleys in the past 24 hours, before hitting a week-low $6.13 about two hours after the ICO.

ICYMI, the first BTT airdrop has also recently been announced, currently scheduled for the 11th of February. Come the drop, I think we can fully expect to see all three tickers topping our list once again.

  • Maduro/Venezuela

The Bank of England has denied Nicolas Maduro’s bid to withdraw $1.2 billion worth of gold from their vault, prompting a side discussion about the benefits of decentralized assets.

It was a turbulent week for Venezuela, as US president Donald Trump declared Juan Guaido - a political opponent of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro - as the country’s rightful leader. Canada, UK and several high-profile nation states soon followed suit, all recognizing Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president.

According to reports, top US officials have lobbied the UK to restrict Maduro’s access to overseas assets. In response to the news, several crypto executives chimed in, including Kraken’s CEO Jesse Powell who repurposed the famous “not your keys, not your Bitcoin” slogan:

Bitcoin evangelists have welcomed the rise of Juan Guaido, as the now Interim President seems to have been a BTC proponent for quite some time. Back in 2014, he tweeted about the launch of a first Venezuelan Bitcoin exchange:

  • NPXS

Another recent breakout story, the Pundi X coin surged ~31% in about 12 hours yesterday, before meeting some sturdy resistance.

The coin is currently down 9.32%, although still a very respectable +33% for the week.

With their XPOS system for retailers, Pundi X say they want to be the “7-Eleven of cryptocurrency”. While there have been zero announcements about the project recently - bullish or otherwise - PundiX labs did tweet out a series of XPOS user adoption stories yesterday, from Brazil to Switzerland:

  • BNT

And the award for the most blatant pump and dump event of January 2019 goes to:

The Bancor coin leapt by 19% in just about 19 minutes over the weekend and has been trending downward ever since, finally hitting a month-low $0.480 earlier today.

According to several twitter users, the pump originated from a so-called Binance Titanic Signal event, held by various Telegram channels simultaneously, including a 280k-strong group called Trading Crypto Coach.

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The more I analyze these daily snapshots of ‘top social gainers’ that Santiment has created, the more sub context I find to the conversations that are trending. For instance today, TRX and NPXS are clearly being discussed.

Starting with Tron I think it is pretty safe to say that conversation continues to revolve around the Bittorrent token sale which launches today on Binance Launchpad.

Additionally Mr. Marketing Shillmaster, Justin Sun has been all over twitter promoting (shocking I know) Tron and all the exchanges participating in the BTT airdrop.

Now putting TRX on the back burner for a second and moving onto NPXS. The already popular xPOS system, though still in its infancy, is continuing to make some strides. A kiosk in Brazil recently received some publicity for its implementation of Pundi X Labs pos device.

And last week the PundiX team was participating in Binance Blockchain week, located in Singapore. There they put on a demo for their pos system and gave away BNB tokens on a preloaded PundiX card.

Now all the above pertaining to TRX and NPXS is news enough on its own, but it is what I see behind both of them that seems most interesting. Binance and their BNB token. It is very clear that Binance is continuing to look for new ways to innovate and grow. With a DEX in active development, t-shirt and hoodie giveaways on Telegram, trading competitions, airdrops, tokens sales and new forms of partnerships. Binance, and in turn BNB token, seem to continue to gain momentum. For instance, go at take look at the charts for BNB/BTC and BTC/ETH over the past month. But the question is, can they keep up the pace and is there more room for BNB to grow…?