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  • Samsung/Phone

Several “leaked” photos appear to show the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 equipped with a native cryptocurrency wallet.

The purely organic, toootally unplanned reveal showcases something called the ‘Samsung Blockchain KeyStore’, a built-in application which lets a user create a new, or import an existing crypto wallet.

What’s particularly interesting is that the leaked photos feature Ethereum as the sole supported cryptocurrency, though it was previouly speculated that the wallet may include support for BTC, ERC-20 tokens and BCH.

The leak sent ripples through the cryptoverse, while some welcomed Samsung as the much-needed catalyst for a bull run:

That said, the S10 snapshots had little to no immediate effect on Ethereum’s price movement, which has been treading water in the $116-$117 range for the last several days.

Samsung is scheduled to unveil its new Galaxy S10 smartphone range during its Galaxy Unpacked announcement on February 20, 2019. Mark the date.

  • Brave/Google

Brave browser may begin rolling out its privacy-centric ads to other browsers and apps as soon as the second half of 2019.

On January 15th, Brave began testing “privacy-preserving” ads within their own developer channel. However, in a recent interview with Cnet, Brave’s CEO Brendan Eich said the startup plans to release an SDK (software developer kit) that will let other programmers tap into its innovative ad system.

"First we have to prove the model in Brave," said Eich, noting they do have plans to scale and reach a much wider audience with high-quality ads.

Ads in Brave are disabled by default, though they can be manually activated. Brave’s plan to incentivize opt-ins is a revenue share model between the end user and the company: by choosing to interact with ads, you receive 70% of that ad revenue, while Brave keeps 30%.

The SDK would let other developers integrate Brave’s ad model in their own application or browser. As a result, if you were using an app with BAT-powered ads, you’d keep 70% of the ad revenue, while the remaining 30% would be split between the app and Brave.

  • Shard

Researchers and developers currently working on Eth 2.0 recently gathered for an AMA about the future of the biggest dapp platform on r/ethereum.

The team (yes, including Vitalik) spent around 12 hours answering questions on all things Ethereum, including sharding, phase 0, economics of POS, and a variety of supplementary governance and scalability issues.

Full thread here for all those interested in long-term viability of the third biggest crypto project.

  • Donuts/Donut/Governance

The r/ethtrader governance drama continues, with the Donuts’ third appearance on our top 10 list in as many days.

After tokenizing their subreddit’s karma points (Donuts), the r/ethtrader community quickly became split on how to preserve the fairness and incorruptibility of their established system of governance.

A flood of governance polls ensued, on everything from optimal donut allocation to switching to a 51% locked donut weighting system. Only in crypto.

The Donut debate has since outgrown the 200k-strong subreddit, with various crypto pundits heralding the experiment and shilling tokenized pastry:

  • Etf/Withdrawn

The recent decision by Cboe Global Markets Inc to withdraw its application to list the first Bitcoin ETF (exchange-traded fund) is still making rounds in the crypto community.

With this latest setback, analysts say it now seems exceedingly unlikely that we’ll see a first BTC ETF in 2019.

According to Jake Chervinsky, “Once a proposal is filed, the SEC has 240 days to approve or deny it, should the regulator take every extension allowable under the law. As such, any proposal filed by May 5, 2019 at the latest would require a final decision before December 31,”

While VanEck’s CEO assured the public that companies will “re-file and re-engage” in ETF discussions in the near future, the withdrawal leaves little hope for an ETF-induced bull run any time soon.

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