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  • BCH/Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash ruffled some feathers around noon today when it shortly broke the $120 support today for the first time in a month.

The BTC hardfork was trading in a tight range between #122-$130 range for most of the week, before testing the $120 support level. Some analysts worried breaking below $120 would send the coin in a downward spiral. BCH, however, had other plans:

  • BTC/Bitcoin

In a similar fashion and at the exact same time, Bitcoin hit a 1-month low of $3.548, before recovering back to the 3600 range.

There haven’t been any notable BTC or BCH-related announcements over the last 24hrs that would objectively justify the erratic price action.

The only announcement of note comes from Falcon, a Swiss Private Bank, which has recently introduced a cryptocurrency wallet as well as support for direct transfers of BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC for private and institutional investors.

The bank said investors can now directly transfer cryptocurrencies to and from its own “segregated Falcon wallets.” They can also convert their digital coins into cash.

Another news that could’ve been partially to blame for Bitcoin’s prominence on today’s list comes from no other than:

  • Roger

Roger Ver can’t help himself from trending, it seems.

The BCH evangelist appears on our list for a second day in a row, following what most considered pretty outlandish comments about BCH:

Today’s appearance on our list, however, is likely propelled by Roger’s announcement…of an announcement about updates to Bitcoin.com’s wallet.

In an episode uploaded on the Bitcoin.com YouTube channel, Ver said this update would be the ‘biggest ever to the Bitcoin.com wallet’, but stopped short of any actual details. He also stated said update would be live by the time this video rolled out, which is demonstrably not the case.

  • Wyoming

Folks are still hyping the new crypto legislation proposed in Wyoming, that aims to clarify the legal position of digital assets, and organize its custody through banks rather than financial institutions.

Under the bill, certain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin would be classified the same as money, allowing their transactions to be interest free.

For those that don’t mind a little legalese, Caitlin Long has you covered with 40(!) tweets on the proposed bill.

  • Trx

In the frozen crypto market, Tron leads the pack. TRX leapt from $0.0235 to $0.0266 in the last 24hrs, and is currently up 5.16% for the day, and 3.8% for the week.

The run was not entirely ‘organic’ however. Some big news preceded the rally:

  • Btt

On Sunday, BitTorrent finally announced a timeline for its much-anticipated BTT Airdrop to TRX holders. Since then, various cryptocurrency exchanges have been pledging their support for the BTT airdrop, all of them diligently highlighted by Justin Sun:

The first airdrop is now scheduled for February 11th. A total of 10,890,000,000 BitTorrent (BTT) will be given out in the event, or 1.1% of the coin’s total circulating supply.

  • Lun

Lynur, an ETH-based encyclopedia, becomes the latest altcoin to break out, surging a gratifying 33.3% in about 24hrs.

The coin is currently up 50% for the week.

  • Mth

Monetha had a rather eventful weekend, tho it’s mostly been downhill since.

The coin’s repeat appearance on our list is likely a combination of its frantical price action and its recently-announced rebranding efforts. Here’s Monetha’s updated look:

Do we dig it?

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Wyoming - state in U.S. appears in the social trends thanks to the latest news concerning Bitcoin regulation in the state.

Title: Bitcoin [BTC] could be given the same legal status as money in Wyoming
Summary : In what could be a huge step towards the acceptance and wider use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the U.S state of Wyoming has introduced cryptocurrency legislation in the House that aims to bring legal clarity to the still nascent field.

With this legislation, Wyoming aims to make itself a haven for such cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses by positioning itself as ‘forward-thinking’ and ‘responsive’ to the needs of the growing industry.

The bill offers new hope for many in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry who have been left disappointed by the lack of clarity on the government’s part.

Title: Innovative Wyoming Lawmakers Introduce Two Crypto-Friendly Bills
Summary : Different groups of state legislators have recently introduced two bills, one related to to the tokenization of stocks, and another concerning cryptocurrency classification.

Representative Jared Olsen, alongside five other state representatives and two state senators, are the sponsors of House Bill 0185, concerning “Corporate stock-certificate tokens.” The proposed bill would give companies the ability to digitize and store stock certificates on a “blockchain or other secure, auditable database.” Passage means the legislation would come into force on July 1st.

Representative Olsen was one of the House sponsors of the other piece of legislation, which would place cryptocurrency assets into three different categories in an effort to clear up classification questions.

Title: Wyoming Bill Would Clear the Way for Crypto Custody at Banks
Summary : Wyoming may soon become the first state in the U.S. to provide clear banking permissions for cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

It would also establish “an opt-in framework for banks to provide custodial services for digital asset property as directed custodians,” determine standards for such services, clarify how Wyoming courts might classify digital assets and more.

“A lot of companies are setting up as New York trust companies … the [Wyoming proposal] is a much better license than a New York Trust license because it’s [aimed at banks] and it’s in a state that has clarified the legal status of digital assets.

“There was momentum building behind that proposal … and Wyoming went in a different direction that’s much better for cryptocurrencies.”

Title: Expert Opinion: Crypto Goes Hollywood While Wyoming Moves To Bitcoin And Blockchain
Summary : “This analysis is an adaptation from the work of Mati Greenspan , Senior Market Analyst at eToro” Key Highlights: Well, Hollywood has been successful in picking up real-life trends and portraying them on reel taking it to a wider audience making it more prominent, dramatic and enjoyable.

At a Bitcoin conference in Miami, Kevin Connolly who plays Eric Murphy in Entourage made a surprise appearance on stage and announced that he’s developing a new show called “ Cryptos .” What’s even more interesting is that the producers of the show, Sords, and King, who are both big blockchain advocates, seem to have modeled the plot after their own aspirations to take on Hollywood by using decentralized ledger technologies.

Even though there are only about half a million people living in Wyoming the square state is quickly becoming a leader of bitcoin and blockchain legislation.

Senator(s) Nethercott, Driskill, Perkins, and Rothfuss and Representative(s) Harshman, Lindholm, Loucks, Olsen, and Wilson have put forward a new bill which clarifies the status of bitcoin and other crypto assets in the state.

Title: Legislators in Wyoming Set to Legalize Crypto Custody at Banks
Summary : CoinSpeaker Legislators in Wyoming Set to Legalize Crypto Custody at Banks A huge step in the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has been recently made by legislators in the U.S state of Wyoming.

The new legislation, introduced on Friday, will provide legal status for digital coins and recognize peer-to-peer transactions of cryptocurrencies.

The new legislation would establish “an opt-in framework for banks to provide custodial services for digital asset property as directed custodians,” determine standards for such services.

The bill reads: “A bank may provide custodial services for digital assets consistent with this section upon providing sixty (60) days written notice to the commissioner.” The new legislation would make Wyoming the state of choice for blockchain and crypto-related businesses.

Reinforcing the recognition of digital assets by authorizing banks to supervise them and taking them under custody, the bill lays the ground for future regulation.

And Wyoming has all the chances to become new heaven for crypto-related businesses.


Tron - rise in price in last 24 hours, most probably due to the Airdrop and partnerships.
I filtered some recent news and visualised in the chart.

Title: SF Summit Shows BitTorrent Is Boosting Tron’s Appeal
Summary : In short, BitTorrent allows lots of users to quickly download files by breaking them into pieces.

Barter systems work OK, but is that adding a unit of value, the BitTorrent Token (BTT), will make the system work even better.

Because BitTorrent the company makes the most popular user interface for BitTorrent, it has an advantage to introducing the option to use tokens to a large portion of the protocol’s user base, Knoll explained.

Title: Multiple Crypto Exchanges Start Announcing Support for Tron’s BitTorrent Token (BTT) Airdrop
Summary : Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX announced today that it would support Tron’s BTT token airdrop event in February.

Huobi @HuobiWallet will also support BitTorrent token ( #BTT ) airdrop for #TRX holders.

Ethereum World News

Title: Tron (TRX) Rallies 10% Despite Bearish Moves in ETH and BTC

Summary : Key Talking Points Recently, we saw bearish moves in litecoin , Ethereum, bitcoin, ripple and other altcoins, but tron price remained supported against the US dollar.

Looking at the chart , TRX price broke the $0.0250 and $0.0255 resistance levels, and it is currently trading well above the 100 simple moving average (4-hours).

Ethereum World News
Title: Why the BitTorrent Airdrops Will Benefit the Value of Tron (TRX) and BTT For Years to Come
Summary : The first camp believes that Bitcoin (BTC) hit a bottom on the 15th of December last year when its value was around $3,200.

One thing is for sure, the Tron foundation and BitTorrent have launched a wonderful Airdrop plan that will keep traders and investors interested in the both TRX and BTT till the year 2025.

The airdrop plan explains that BTT will be distributed to TRX holders every 11th of the month from February 2019 till February 2025.

Others will rush to buy more before the 11th of each month to get the BTT token airdrops thus boosting demand for TRX and its value.

Title: Tron [TRX] spikes by 9% over the day; only green coin on top-10 list
Summary : Source: CoinMarketCap At the time of press, the coin saw a growth of 9.69% over the past hour, with a market cap of $1.7 billion.

TRX is the only coin in the top-10 cryptocurrencies list of CoinMarketCap that, at the time of press, registered a growth of over 2% in the past seven days.

The ninth-largest coin was highly traded on BitForex, with a trading volume of $40.8 million with the TRX/USDT pair.

BitForex was followed by UPbit, as it recorded a volume of $35 million with the TRX/KRW pair.

Title: Tron Expands Its Partner Network Listing Oracle, Aurora, Steemit and Others
Summary : CoinSpeaker Tron Expands Its Partner Network Listing Oracle, Aurora, Steemit and Others Without any doubts, cryptocurrency exchanges play a vital role in the development of the entire crypto ecosystem as well as in the growth of concrete currencies.

It’s worth of knowing that the founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison, started the company in a manner similar to how Justin Sun saw a gap in the blockchain industry.

The new move by ABCC has made it the first crypto exchange to list tokens built on the base of Tron’s TRC10 technical standard .

The information about listing Tron on ABCC followed the exchange’s announcement that it had started working on adding support for tokens based on both the TRC10 and TRC20 standards.


There where indeed some announcements of exchanges supporting the BTT airdrop for TRX holders. As far as i can tell the keywords withdraw, deposit, send, info, question and thanks have all to do with this news (mostly in context with the announcement of Binance).




good one re: withdraw, deposit, send, info, question and thanks are all connected.