21st Jan 2019 - Social Trends snapshot



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Here’s the full breakdown of today’s top trending words in crypto:

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  • Bitcoin


Over the weekend we witnessed Bitcoin bounce back to the $3,700 range, but the rally was short lived. It took another nosedive to the $3,500s even before Sunday ended, revisiting fears that the market is not done yet and that BTC may be heading much lower.

Also - how about them Bart patterns?

  • Wyoming

Wyoming wants your crypto business.

A few days ago, the aptly-nicknamed ‘Equality State’ introduced a new Digital Assets-Existing Law, that would clarify the legal position of digital assets, and its custody through banks rather than financial institutions.

Under the bill, certain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin would be classified the same as money, allowing their transactions to be interest free.

If you want the deets, Caitlin Long has you covered with 40(!) tweets on the proposed bill. Buckle in.

  • Roger

Roger Ver’s in the news again. The BCH evangelist was lambasted on social media for seemingly trying to convince those new to crypto to buy BCH instead of BTC - again:

“If you are buying BTC in 2019 because you think it is Bitcoin, you are being fooled. You actually are looking for BCH, the peer to peer electronic cash system for online payments.”

Safe to say that the community was not buying it:

  • Bch/Bitcoin/Cash

Several major coins - including ETH and LTC - suffered a bear attack over the weekend. BCH stumbled to a 1-month low around noon yesterday, making the Bitcoin hard fork the second-worst performing coin in the top 10.

It has inched around the $123 mark for most of today, and is currently breaking even.

  • Xrp

Following in BCH’s footsteps, Ripple broke the $0.32 support area for the first time in a week yesterday, but managed to slightly recover since.

It’s currently up 0.44% for the day.

  • Mth

Another coin that joined the altcoin pump over the weekend, MTH recorded a 1-month high of $0.023 early on Sunday, before collapsing.

Monetha’s coin is still up a formidable 32.3% for the week, tho it’s nearly breaking even over the last 24hrs.

  • Bcd

Bitcoin Diamond shined bright yesterday, climbing to a 10 day-high $0.875 in the early Sunday hours. It’s currently down 1.17% for the day.

The project recently announced that Acumotors, an online auto parts merchant, has added BCD and CHIMP to its growing list of supported payment options.

  • Grin

Grin is still down 98.8% in value since it launched earlier last week, but on the bright side, it’s up 22.5% for the last 24hrs!

One community that seems to be believe in Grin despite its post-launch woes? BitcoinTalk.

A few days ago, ‘Theymos’, one of BitcoinTalk’s moderator, announced that the forum is now accepting Grin payments automatically, making the new privacy coin only the second ever cryptocurrency to be accepted on the site - behind Bitcoin.

  • Qsp

Quantstamp’s coin also had an eventful weekend, leaping from $0.0153 to $0.02 Saturday, before losing most of that momentum the next day.

That said, the coin is still up a comfortable 27.2% for the week, following another rally earlier today.

  • Wings

After threading water for most of last week, WINGS skyrocketed 42.15% in about an hour on Saturday, before hitting some resistance.

The action seems to have stabilized since, still leaving the coin +59.6% for the week.

  • Theta

Finally, Theta drew a clumsy Bart pattern over the weekend, mushrooming to a week-high $0.052 before losing it all the next day.

Currently up 6.2% for the week.

  • arktippr

Arktippr is an Ark tipbot for Reddit that lets users reward good content and processes all transactions ‘on-chain’.

Although it’s been live for almost 6 months now, it seems to have been particularly generous over the weekend. Check out the bot’s activity history for the past few days.

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Over the weekend we saw bitcoin shooting to the $3,700 range but before Sunday ended, it took a nosedive to the $3,500s, revisiting fears that the market is not done yet and that bitcoin is heading much lower.

Gotta love the Bart patterns on the chart ;p


Wyoming Introduces Bill Offering Cryptocurrencies Legal Clarity To Attract Blockchain Business

Tweetstorm can be found here: Caitlin Long 🔑 on Twitter: "1/ TWEETSTORM about #Wyoming’s BIG REVEAL. This is long & info-packed, so buckle in. My native state is about to do bigger things for #blockchain, & the sector is about to pay Wyoming back big-time. Win-win! @Tyler_Lindholm @SenatorDriskill @TraceMayer @ForbesCrypto… https://t.co/ujRPzlrFsq"


There’s only one roger in the space that is famous enough to be trending…none other than Roger ver himself. Looks like he’s in the news again for yet again trying to get people new to crypto to buy BCH instead of BTC.


Refers to the project Monetha

Another coin that entered the ranks of altcoin pump week.

From 411 sats to 611 sats. +50% gains. Not bad!

Naturally, you can’t expect a +50% gain in the bear market and no one to be talking about it. We can observe increasing chatter around MTH during the altcoin pump week. But chatter seems to be dying down, will we see a gradual drop off in price too since speculators have moved on to whichever coin is next to pump?

Fun fact: Check out what happened the last time social chatter increased for MTH in Nov last year.


refer to Ark’s Reddit tipping bot.
Why is it trending? Well, it seems that more people are using the Arktippr bot recently on reddit. Check it out here..