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It’s crystal clear that most of the chatter still revolves around SWIFT’s recent announcement at the Paris Fintech Forum that it has developed a proof-of-concept solution with R3’s blockchain. The POC will link SWIFT’s payments network with R3’s Corda platform to monitor payment flows, settle gpi payments through their bank, and receive credit confirmations.

Although XRP wasn’t actually mentioned anywhere in the announcement, Ripple’s coin is currently the only cryptocurrency supported by Settler. This brings the two projects awful close considering they were previously involved in a well-documented legal dispute over XRP purchase option (which, to be fair, has been settled in September).

In fact, SWIFT’s decision to partner with R3 rather than Ripple Labs might be considered bearish news for XRP, especially given SWIFT’s CEO, Gottfried Leibbrandt’s remarks about the currency at the same Forum where the R3 partnership was announced:

“I think that the big part of Ripple’s value proposition is the cryptocurrency XRP. “There we do find the banks are hesitant to convert things into a cryptocurrency right now because of the volatility in the currencies.”

Either way, XRP bulls believe this could be a precursor to Ripple’s widespread adoption by SWIFT, and an ideal opportunity for the project to try and convince banks to dive into crypto via the Corda Settler.

Is that truly the case? Who knows. As @dindustries notes below, XRP has a tendency to run more on social fuel than on technicals.

Either way, the announcement sent XRP on an undisputed upward trend, which helped it erase most of the week’s losses. The last 48 hours have been less kind to Ripple, however, as the coin dipped a hair over 7% since. It is currently down 0.88% for the day:

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9 out of 10 trending words are connected with Ripple today, looks like XRP community is really big and active.
The price prediction looks bearish again (according to the media analysts).

An interesting article/opinion from today (it kind of matches my perspective on that SWIFT-R3-Ripple triangle).

Title: Expert Opinion: Ripple And Swift “indirectly” Partner Through R3
“This analysis is an adaptation from the work of Mati Greenspan , Senior Market Analyst at eToro” Key Highlights: Well, the crypto markets were lit up again thanks to the upward zoom by XRP . In a single hour of trading yesterday, XRP managed to erase an entire week’s worth of losses. The pop of roughly 10% in Ripple’s token seems to have buoyed the entire crypto market and sentiment is once again optimistic… for now. While the XRP price jump was exciting, the story that led to this jump was even more fascinating. At the Paris Fintech Forum yesterday, what was supposed to be a hot debate between Ripple and SWIFT turned out to be something much more. While sharing the stage with Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of SWIFT Gottfried Leibbrandt announced a brand new partnership with payments provider R3. It’s kind of a triangle now as R3 had very recently entered into a partnership with Ripple Labs and SWIFT was found exactly duplicating Visa which made a monumental purchase of a payments company called Earthport, a long term partner of Ripple Labs. This “backdoor” or “indirect” partnership of traditional payment masters with Ripple also makes one think that the considered “battle” in the payments space may actually be more of a giant network under construction, which includes all the major players in the industry and implements cutting edge technology, with Ripple increasingly growing as part of this network. This partnership announcement somehow fizzled out the excitement of the hot debate and what have seen on stage it seemed that the two men were just agreeing with each other than debating. But if things continue this way, in this battle between crypto/classical and crypto/crypto, we may very well end up seeing a mesh of networks that would connect all the players thus bringing value to the consumer through the power of technology.


Yes it is getting kind of repetetive considering yesterday and the day before.


One change that is certainly worth noting is the sheer volume of conversation taking place among the XRP army. In comparison to other topics gaining social attention none can hold a candle to XRP, swift, corda and ripple. That said, potential for upward trend to continue seems plausible.

From a TA perspective my scanner has been firing buy signals since 1/30/19 on XRPUSD 1hr, 2hr, 4hr and 6hr charts. Though personally I still wish to see price action break above the BB(21) SMA on the daily to feel like a swing is in play. Then again, XRP has a tendency to run more on social fuel than on technicals so by then the reward potential may be diminished. Yet on the other hand, the same could also be said as far as risk is concerned. Either way, I’ll keep watching closely and should I decide to enter my S/L will certainly be tight.


I believe our “social gainers” tool has again played “the predictor of the top” role.

See the screenshot:

The social buzz peaked one dat before the top. Then, when even still taking the majority of the talks (according to what we’ve seen yesterday) - the actual “volume” has been declining.
One of the most classic pattern - growing price on a declining volume.
In crypto, during the bear market, it doesn’t take long before the price moves down after this pattern took place. (In a bull market the “irrational behaviour” - keep building the top even on a falling volume, can take longer time)

The search query is: