19th Jan 2019 - Social Trends snapshot



Hi SANClan!

Is Bitcoin Cash dead?? What’s next for Litecoin? Look there, a shiny breakout coin!

That’s just part of what the crowd’s been buzzing about today. Here’s the full breakdown of today’s top trending words in crypto:

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  • Bqx/Ethos

Bqx is the latest breakout coin of the week, leaping from $0.131 to a week-high $0.282 in about 7 hours.

Ethos, formerly Bitquence (BQX) is a U.S.-based project that is building an easy-to-use universal wallet and fiat gateway for simple trading, buying and managing of cryptoassets.

  • BCH/Bitcoin Cash

Almost 18 months later, people are asking - is Bitcoin Cash a failure?

An examination of the last 500 days worth of BCH data reveals empty promises about its 8 MB block size, and even a rudimentary glance shows the Bitcoin fork remains far behind its parent chain, both in proportional and absolute terms .

Cobra, the infamous co-founder of Bitcoin.org and Bitcointalk.org seems to think the coin is in dire need of a revamp if it wants a fighting chance:

  • LTC/Litecoin

LTC has gone down a peg or two on the list of top 10 crypto assets this past week, and is currently sitting at #8, right behind Tether.

Still, it wasn’t all bad news for Litecoin this week. Coingate, a prominent cryptocurrency payments platform, has now adopted the Litecoin’s Lightning Network to process cryptocurrency payments on its platform.

The first merchant to use the ‘Litening Network’ will be Surfshark, a VPN provider, tho Coingate hopes all 4,500 of their merchants will be interested in integrating Lightning to reduce friction on both sides.

  • Bcpt

A bit late to this week’s breakout party, BlockMason Credit Protocol has soared to a week-high 0.0451$ earlier today, and is currently up 30.17% for the day:

  • Nash

Nex is now Nash.

The Neon Exchange has decided to rebrand, following some soul searching about its vision and a legal action from a company claiming rights to the name “NEX”:

“Renaming to Nash allows us to improve the brand we’ve already established.” assures the exchange in its announcement: “our slogans and aesthetic approach will stay the same.”

The community’s reaction to the new moniker has been…divided:

  • Grin

This is the second appearance in a row on our list for Grin, a new privacy-oriented cryptocurrency that has lost over 95% of its initial value since launch.

The new coin isn’t even a week old, and it’s already in the center of some recent exchange controversy.

In a series of tweets, Dovey Wan, a founding partner at Primitive, says a few centralized exchanges that have started trading Grin even before the first coin was minted were quoting volumes much greater than the available supply of Grin.

“The incentive can be strong - simple print more BTCon other hand short BTC, and get the real BTC from trx fee at no cost. we need more scrutiny into the shadow banking equivalent of crypto otherwise will fail for the same old greed”

  • Oax

Appearing on our top 10 list for a 2nd day in a row, OAX’s latest bull run still has the crowd buzzing.

The coin hit a 1-month high of $0.201 late Friday, before taking a trip south. It has however managed to bounce back since, and is currently up 48.45% for the day.

  • Bos

People are still talking about the BOS mainnet, launched on Thursday this week.

The network is the newest addition to the EOSIO sidechain ecosystem, and will serve as a link to accelerate the development and evolution of IBC (Inter-Blockchain-Communication)

  • Cloak

CloakCoin has hit a two-week high around 7:00AM yesterday, topping at $1.35.

Similar to Oax, the coin went on a 24hr downward swing before bouncing back, and is currently up 2.76% following some choppy price action.

  • DOCK

It has been a slow and steady bull run for DOCK this week. The coin went from 0.007$ on Monday to a month-high $0.012 around 8PM yesterday. It’s been ebbing and flowing since, and is currently down 6.48% for the last 24 hours.

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This Week in Crypto: Jan 14th - Jan 20th

Re: Ethos/BQX

It does take the first place the three times in a raw.

It means - it’s the most trending topic on the crypto social channels de-facto the last 24 hours.

Typically it means we are at the top.
But here in this case it’s even more…

Just check below.

More than 10 % of the total coins in the circulations have been

See at what time these tokens have started to move:

The price stopped the advance right thereafter.

Why ?

  1. The selling pressure has become too strong
  2. The MM (Market Makers) who launched the “Pump” decided to stop it after they saw such a huge
    toke inflow to the exchange.

It is very likely that we have seen the top for now.
Unless some “great news” are waiting to be released.

Then one more final spike is possible with the pretty deep retracement thereafter.

Stay safe !

P.S. Here is the link to the “insight” on this topic Santiment.net platform