18th Jan - Social Trends snapshot



Hi SANClan!

Everybody loves a winner. For a third day in a row, most of the crypto chatter is focused on breakout coins, upward graphs and daily runs - if I didn’t know better, I’d think I was back in 2017!

Here’s our breakdown of top trending words for January 18th, 2019:

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  • Coinstar

Now you can buy Bitcoin in kiosks across the U.S.

Coinstar, an international coin counter has teamed up with Coinme, a US-based Bitcoin ATM company, to offer BTC-purchasing facilities in “thousands” of new locations. As part of the deal, Coinstar also invested an undisclosed sum in Coinme.

The company not did not disclose how many of its 20,000 kiosks would initially allow bitcoin purchases. The machines allow buying up to $2,500 in BTC, and seem to already be up and running in some locations:

  • Bos

The BOS mainnet is now live.

The network is the newest addition to the EOSIO sidechain ecosystem, and will serve as a link to accelerate the development and evolution of IBC (Inter-Blockchain-Communication)

  • Grin

Grin, a new privacy-oriented cryptocurrency that leverages the popular mimblewimble protocol formally launched on Tuesday. It’s first 48hrs were…rocky.

The coin began trading at a high price of $261, before nosediving into oblivion soon thereafter, losing ~95% of its value in less than a day. That said, some have been quick to point out that a similar launch pattern was observed for other privacy coins including Monero, Zcash, and Ravencoin.

One of the popular aspects of grin is that there’s no pre-mine, founder’s rewards, or anything like that. It’s all fair game, good ol’ POW style. But of course - whoever has the mining equipment gets the worm!

  • Coinness/Airdropping

Airdrop shenanigans by CoinNess, to “celebrate the release of CNNS”, the platform’s coin. CoinNess dubs itself “a real-time crypto market index and news platform for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. “

  • Mda

Another in this week’s plethora of breakout coins, MDA opened at 0.694$ on Thursday and closed at $0.757.

No relevant news or announcements about Moeda Loyalty Points preceded MDA’s Thursday run. It has been slowly trending downwards in the meantime, and is currently down 3.75% for the day.

  • Arn

It was a good Thursday for Aeron;s coin, which soared ~40% yesterday to a week’s high of $0.403.

ARN has been heading south ever since, currently down 11.5% for the past 24hrs. Here’s the 1-week price action:

  • Oax

Same story, different coin. OAX went from $0.097 to a week-high $0.133 in about 5 hours yesterday, before calling it quits. Down 13.11% at the moment:

  • Rep

Finally, an easily-explainable run! Augur’s coin leaped from $11.13 to $14.80 in the last 48 hours, following the launch of Veil, a peer-to-peer prediction market and derivatives platform built on top of Augur, 0x, and Ethereum.

As per the announcement, “Veil makes it easy to buy leveraged long or short positions in BTC/USD, REP/USD, and ZRX/USD.”

The coin is just about breaking even for the day atm, after some choppy action both ways earlier this morning:

  • Satellite

The crowd is still chatting about Blockstream launching a beta version of its Satellite API, aimed to help developers broadcast data via the company’s satellite network.

This is Satellite’s second day in a row on our daily top 10 list.

  • Cryptopia

Everyone’s still on about Cryptopia hack, as the NZ-based crypto exchange claims a spot on our list for a third day in a row.

The last 48 hours in the Cryptopia saga have been pretty quiet. The NZ police is keeping fairly quiet, and the crowd is still speculating on the exact amount stolen, with estimates ranging between $3M and $13M.

While some are trying to track down stolen funds, others are shouting “inside job” and “exit scam” at Cryptopia’s founders.

  • Dlt

Agrello’s coin is not ready to go down.

DLT plunged following Tuesday’s bull run, but managed an almost full recovery in the last 18 hours. It’s currently up 5.78% following a mid-day dip:

  • Tnt

Three-peating its place on our top 10 list this week, Tierion’s breakout run still has the crowd buzzing, despite a rather uneventful last 24hrs.

After lots of choppiness and really not much else, the coin is currently down 5.02% for the day.

  • Powr

Power Ledger’s coin is looking to add another green candlestick to its week, after recording a week-high $0.111 Thursday evening. It’s tumbled a bit since, but still down just 3.85% at the moment.

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A U.S. Bitcoin ATM company has teamed up with international coin counter Coinstar to offer Bitcoin purchasing facilities in “thousands” of new locations.


Bos mainnet is live. It is a sidechain of EOS and it seems that there will be airdrops to EOS holders.


One of the implementations of the popular mimblewimble protocol. Apparently VCs poured in around $100M USD in mining equipment for grin. One of the popular aspects of grin is that there’s no pre-mine, founder’s rewards, or anything like that. It’s all fairgame, good ol POW style. But of course… whoever has the mining equipment, gets first dips!

Grin is not traded on major exchanges yet (it’s so new, it’s not even on CMC, you have to head to coingecko to view prices), but it seems someone paid around $261USD for Grin on some exchange. Since then price has fallen to around $6.60 USD. Not surprised if speculators make a good pump for it since it’s so popular. I’m guessing it’s just a matter of time before major exchanges pick this up (if volume calls for it).

Looks like it’s just spam and shilling by coinness. Refer to images.