15th Jan - Social Trends snapshot



Hi SANclan!

Here’s the snapshot of daily social trends for January 15th, 2019. Let’s break them down!

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In this social trend we see lots of talks about cryptocurrency projects that made a big movement upwards (price and volume wise). Also the reason there are talks about the “market” in general and if this is the “bottom” (“HODL”)…:

DLT - Agrello
Since yesterday the price of DLT skyrocketed 150% while the 24hr volume grew much higher than the current marketcap at $10mil. People in the chats are speculating that an announcement is about to be made about legal licensing or a big partnership. Others got the impression that buyers confused DLT with this article:

QKC - Quarkchain
QCK got listed on Upbit, the listing and the 20% increase in price got people talking about it.

And for the following projects there is no real reason about the pumps other than speculating for announcements and ‘Whales are playing’.

VIBE - Vibe
75% increase in price

27% increase in price

QLC - QLC Chain
38% increase in price

(there can be other reasons behind the increase, but could not find anymore time today to spend on this. Maybe others can find more :slight_smile: )


There have been quite some price action and trends last days for Tron so let’s combine the data with the latest news.

Source media : NullTX
Title: Bullish Tron Price Momentum Yields Significant TRX/BTC Gains
Summary: Several key developments have taken place within the Tron ecosystem over the past week or so.
#TRON announces hiring of SEC & regulatory veteran David Labhart as Head of Compliance & TRON’s co-general counsel Labhart has 9 years experience at the SEC w/ expertise in emerging risks & technology, including Misha Lederman (@mishalederman) January 9, 2019 Ever since the team announced their new BitTorrent token, it seems things have begun to look up.
The TronDice dice game has effectively introduced a change which may have a positive impact on the project itself, as well as the Tron ecosystem as a whole.

Source media : Coingape
Title: The Only Top Crypto in Green: Tron (TRX) dapp Becoming a Market Leader
Summary: The prices are surging amidst Tron’s Dapp development as one of its Dapp TronBet registers $25 million trading volume and Lordless, an Ethereum Dapp announces its intention to join Tron Arcade.
TronBet, one of the Dapp on Tron network has become a market leader by registering over $25 million trading volume in the past 7 days.

Source media : CCN
Title: Tron Price Tumbles after Ex-Employee Throws Shade on BitTorrent Project
Summary: Last week, former chief strategy officer Simon Morris said there’s “no way” the Tron blockchain can handle BitTorrent’s high rate of transactions.
But that claim means Mr. Morris was incompetent at his job.” Basically, the Redditor says any shortcomings of the BitTorrent project was Morris’ fault.

Source media : CoinSpeaker
Title: Tron Takes the Spot Within Best Crypto Performers Ahead of Massive Selloff
Summary: On January 4, peer-to-peer torrent client BitTorrent acquired by Tron announced creating its native token, BitTorrent (BTT), that would run on the Tron protocol.
On January 4, TRON’s accelerator competition closed with $1 million in prize money to be won.
TRON’s founder Justin Sun was reached out on Twitter for a comment: Devs complaining on discord about the accelerator competition. Despite some problems that the company has after accelerator competition, TRON is actively preparing for its TRON Summit 2019 that is scheduled to take place on January 17-18, 2019 in San Francisco, United States.

Source media : CryptoPotato
Title: This is Crypto Life: TRX Pump Following BitTorrent Announcement Returned TRON The $126M Acquisition Cost
Summary: Six months later, and somewhat unsurprisingly, Tron announced the issuance of the so-called BTT token, which is supposedly going to increase support for BitTorrent’s network.
Keep in mind that Tron Foundation retains 60% of the tokens, meaning that its share of the deal is roughly equivalent to $126 million, making BitTorrent’s acquisition completely “free.” Soon after the announcement of BTT, the cryptocurrency community reacted in a somewhat negative way.
Jackson Palmer, the creator of the popular Dogecoin, is amongst the many to share his opinion: “The BitTorrent Brand is going to die the slow, painful death of becoming a scammy ICO token.

Source media : Coingape
Title: Tron’s Justin Sun Responds to Simon Morris and Questions Around BitTorrent’s Token Roll-Out
Summary: The media has been rife with the news of a former executive at BitTorrent Simon Morris stating that “Tron will not be able to manage the transaction volume needed to tokenize BitTorrent”.
Nevertheless, Morris reportedly stated that there’s “no way” the Tron blockchain could handle the transaction volume that such a system would require.

Source media : Ethereum World News
Title: Top Tron (TRX) DApp Sees Volume Surge — Overtakes Top Ethereum, EOS Apps
Summary: Tommy Mustache (@tommyp408) January 14, 2019 Mustache, citing data from DApp Radar , revealed that the 24-hour volume of TronBet, a gaming/gambling application based on the popular blockchain network, had posted staggering transactional throughput.
On Monday, the statistics were even more impressive for the gaming blockchain-based application, with DApp Radar claiming that 24-hour volumes have risen to 1.5 billion TRX ($38.7 million).


This is really interesting. How do you determine, which are the relevant news articles?


well it is not fine-tuned yet, basically filtered on Tron(TRX) and remove price analysis articles. Also the summary is not perfect, but for such quick machine generated text it is quite good.


We are thinking of attaching a news feed to each trending keyword. The main problem is how to make the curation of the titles automatic. I am thinking of using google news, filter by <keyword> +crypto and include only articles from the last 24h. Hopefully that won’t have a lot of false positives. From there we can have a button to flag an article as irrelevant and the ability to add it to a blacklist, so it is hidden.


I am curious what results you’ll get from google news. Might be worth testing. I’ve done the curation myself, and now got automatic news collection pipeline from 30+ sources (250+ articles daily). Thinking how to do more intelligent search now (pure text gives lot of results) to get only relevant news for analysis. Also I am preparing the data for topic modelling which could give some interesting output.