14th Jan - Social trends snapshot



Hi SANclan!

Thanks to the SAN community for another great breakdown of today’s social trends (you can see trends here). Here’s a short summary we made based on their analysis:

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  • Phx

The crowd is still high on Red Pulse Phoenix, ever since its initial bull run started two days ago. The coin reached a short-term high of $0.0106 yesterday, and has slowly dipped since, with 24hrs losses of ~4.40%

Here’s a 1-week price action for Red Pulse Phoenix:

  • Vlc

In a similar vein, the ValueChain coin has embarked on a small bull run of its own since January 10th. Unlike PHX, however, VLC did record 24hr gains of ~8.1% (as of writing this).

Here’s a 1-week price action for ValueChain:

  • Btex

As was reported a few days back, the contract for Tron is scheduled to be launched on Btex today.

Btex (short for Best Token Exchange) is a BVI-based DEX established in March 2018. With Tron still maintaining an upward swing, the news of a new TRX listing made quick waves in the crypto community.

  • Tron

Tron is still the talk of the town, for better AND worse. The ninth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap was at one point the only ‘green’ project in the top 10, with 24-hours gains of ~10%.

The project did hit a short-lived speedbump recently, following an interview with Simon Morris - ex chief strategy officer at BitTorrent - in which he doubts that Tron blockchain will be able to manage BitTorrent’s high rate of transactions.

  • Bitmain

It’s not looking good for Bitmain.

The chinese mining giant is reportedly closing another overseas office, this time in Amsterdam, less than a month after the firm closed its operations in Israel. An additional report recently surfaced, claiming that Bitmain also halted its Texas mining operations, in the city of Rockdale, TX.

A Bitmain spokesperson said these are all part of a wider mission to “build a long-term, sustainable and scalable business.”

On January 10th, it was also reported that Bitmain’s co-founders, Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan Ketuan, are to step down as co-CEOs , as the company’s IPO continues to stall.

  • Nimiq

Robin Linus, Nimiq CEO, recently went public about an ongoing dispute with Nimiq’s tech lead Philipp von Styp-Rekowsky, about the technical direction and vision of the project. He says the internal power battles lead him to develop a severe cannabis addiction, from which he’s now recovering.

In response, the Nimiq team posted a lengthy explanation of the situation, and later held an AMA on Reddit.

In the midst of it all, the project also announced a new Nimiq Checkout plugin for WooCommerce.

  • Bart

This is likely to do with the infamous Bitcoin ‘Bart pattern’, essentially a pump-and-dump scheme caused by a lack of liquidity in the Bitcoin market.

A familiar pattern seems to be emerging on the BTC graph once again…

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Regarding Nimiq: There was a dispute about the technical direction of the project which has led to a break between Robin (the founder) and the Nimiq team. Robin went public after being away for months because, as he stated it himself, of a ‘severe cannabis addiction’…

Other news surrounding Nimiq:


What is interesting to me about the current trends isn’t particularly what is being said, but instead how much trends are being discussed.

Here is a screen shot of the daily trends from Jan 9th:

Take a look at the amount of conversation being had per topic and compare that to today.

Now here is BTCUSD daily taking specific note to the 9th:

Seems like the crowd is saying a lot even when the crowd isn’t saying much. I’m curious to see if the quantity of conversations continues to trend with the market over the coming days.