13th Jan - Social Trends snapshot



Hi SANclan!

below is the social trends snapshot for 13th January 2019, let’s see what enrichment you can make of it :slight_smile:

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Let’s crash right at the top of the list - phx.
It stays for “red pulse”. Here is the link to the project detail page: SANbase

No wonder it got so high on our “trending topics in the crypto crowd”.
Red pulse was one of the few projects who managed to experience price rally.

Historically speaking, the level of the buzz is far from the previous top levels. (Remember, you might need 1000 SANs to see the full historical data).

However, keep in mind that we are now deep into the bear market. The rallies can be sharply retraced, especially after getting into the spot Nr. 1 on “the trending words”


The hodl trend seems to be mainly in Reddit according to the Social Trend charts. It seems this Reddit post got some attention. Not surprising that it did. The guy is a legend