12th Jan - Social Trends snapshot



Hi SANclan!

below is the social trends snapshot for 12th January 2019, let’s see what enrichment you can make of it :slight_smile:

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That’s a really interesting one.
6 out of 10 words are connected and represent one event.

The summary of the story:
“The wife of one of Norway‘s richest men is being held ransom for 9 million euros ($10M) – payable only in the popular cryptocurrency Monero”

This is the correlation between the “crowd attention” and the crypto market cap:

And here is the same but related to Monero only:

The interesting part here is that coincides almost perfectly, the strong spike in the crowd attention/awareness towards such a troublesome (for crypto) user adoption and the “sudden drop” in the crypto market cap.

In short - big money saw an increased risk.


As for Tron, place Nr. 8 now.

Pretty classic example of how crypto works.

The strong attention was growing/building up the last week. Then peaked few days ago (together with the extremely fast growing price).

Remember the picture where it was trending spot Nr.1 (according to Santiment score) one time after amother?

And then it went down, together with the price.

Regardless what is the reasoning now (could be just the fact how messy the Tron 1$ mln accelator actually was - finished the other day or something else).

The one of the major rule of crypto worked again - you can only keep growing when the attention and expectations are growing. Once its over - price goes down very fast.

Visualisation how it looked for Tron (crowd attention is plotted against the Tron price):