11th Jan Social Trends snapshot



Hi SANclan!

below is the social trends snapshot for 11th January 2019, let’s see what enrichment you can make of it :slight_smile:

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So yea, XVG…that is about all that stands out to me as newly trending conversation today.

And although they recently began beta testing fort their new iOS wallet, I doubt the current ~14x increase in overall volume between yesterday and today is a result of that. Likewise, I don’t believe this price action we’re seeing is due to XVG having been added to a couple of small exchanges over the past few days.

As far as charts are concerned, looking at XVGBTC price action has presently pierced the lid of a channel that has been trending down since September 18’. But zooming out, that channel looks to be little more than some sideways consolidation when compared to ATH.

On a personal note, I managed to put together this enrichment with a squirmy, talkative newborn in one arm while typing with the other. So I’m giving myself a public pat on the back since my daughter doesn’t seem too impressed with this feat. Now I’m going to go attempt to make pancakes in the same manner, wish me luck! :laughing: